August 20, 2012

"Diligence, Desperation, and Puns"

Dear Reader,

I know a person who consistently loses precious things. He sets them down in places that seem obvious enough, but ends up forgetting where they are all the same. I won't name names, but that person is Nick Merrill.

Three days ago, my little yellow iPod disappeared and I thought to myself...."Surely I will find my little yellow iPod by tomorrow!" But, to my dismay, it did not show. And so, I asked my family. "Has anyone seen, touched, or used my iPod lately?" Like Pinocchio, I got a bunch of No's.

So I began searching diligently, vigorously, and desperately. But to no avail. All hope was lost. The music was 'decrescendo'ing from my life. I seemed to contract all of the symptoms that they read at the end of medicine commercials. The walls were closing in. Breathing became difficult because the air was so thick with pure disappointment. I'll admit.............It was a dark moment.

But then I opened my dresser and found my iPod sitting there.

Which was pretty cool, I guess. NM

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