August 7, 2012

"To TV, or not to TV"

Dear Reader,

For 6 months, our family went cold turkey on Television. We cancelled the service and sent those little DVR boxes back home. It was a bittersweet day when the TV was gone. But we soon realized that we didn't miss all of those car commercials, the reality shows, and advertisements for Sham-Wow. In fact, it was as if we had been released from some prison, and the Warden's name was Mr. But-wait-if-you-call-now-we'll-double-the-offer......

But then the Olympics arrived.

That's when the hurt came.

We would go to the gym and work out on the TV treadmills..........
Do our laundry at the wash-a-teria with a TV......

It was a sad life.

But then, we relapsed. We got our service back, brought those little DVR boxes back under our roof, and got to watch the Olympics. It was a sweet, sweet day.

And I still hate commercials, NM

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