August 13, 2012

"Adventure is out there!"

Dear Reader,

As you already know, this blog is titled "The Life and Times of Nick Merrill"

I write about most of the outrageous, funny, or ridiculous things that happen in my life.

So what I'm afraid of is that as the wrinkles start to appear and the hair disappear, I'll loose some of my fearlessness and start to play things safe. And once that occurs, I might hit writer's block....on the story of my life!!!

In the Pixar movie UP, Charles Muntz is a famous explorer who lives by the mantra "Adventure is out there!"
He eventually turns out to be the bad guy and attempts to murder a Boy Scout, but that's not important.

What's important is the truth in his mantra. There are TONS of cool things to do, beautiful places to go, and wonderful people to meet. There's adventure to be had in the world. It's just hard to step out of your comfort zone. (My comfort zone is the USA)

It would be my dream job to go and visit the four corners of the world and write about it. A travel guide, perhaps?("Wait...four corners? Isn't the earth round?")

If I did travel to obscure and odd places, I can assure you that the story of my life would be ridiculous.

Paradise Falls? NM

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