July 13, 2014

"An Awful Decision"

Dear Reader,

A few days ago, I woke up early in the morning and made an awful decision. I thought about my choice all the way to school, and as soon as I could, I sat down to pen the following wretched words.

"I, Nicholas David Merrill, on this the ninth day of the seventh month of the year 2014, do fully commit myself to growin' a raggedy, nasty, tasteless "beard" until August 5th, 2014. I pledge to deal with all discomfort, every snide remark, and all social repercussions that will inevitably come up as a result of my awful decision. I have selected Shunhe Wang as my accountabilibuddy on this journey towards unattractiveness. To him, I surrender my razor and my dignity. By signing below, I pledge to go ALL THE WAY......and so it begins. -Nicholas David Merrill."

My friend Shaheen took the completed document and read it out loud to everyone present.  After the reading, Shunhe Wang accepted my razor and took on the role of "accountabilibuddy" to help me on my journey. It was a great and terrible moment. You see, I've always wanted to grow out my nasty facial whiskers, but my mom is 1000% opposed to any sort of facial hair growth. Well..............she isn't here in Morocco with me. (Sorry, mom.)

It's been a test of my will, but I'm on Day 5, and things are going just fine.

I really want it to turn out well. And if not "well", I just want it to be bearable. And if it ain't "bearable", I'll just shoot for a beard that doesn't bring tears of shame and disgust to all who behold it.

Don't expect pictures any time soon....I'll shave those for later.


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