August 9, 2012

"The Metaphorical Car of Summer"

Dear Reader,

I have been cruising in the metaphorical automobile of summer for a few months now. My responsibilities have been few. ("Be sure to shower and eat, Nick!") But earlier today, my car of summer had a head-on collision with a semi-truck full of #2 pencils and 200-question scantrons.

That's right my dear friends...The day is soon, and not far distant that we must shoulder our backpacks, take upon us the burden of the Chemistry and English textbooks, and wake up before 10 a.m. to begin our long journey to the promised school.

But that day is NOT today. So, as summer winds down the road of life, don't pass up any opportunity for some good old-timey fun. Make the most of this time that you have, because if you don't, you will lament every second you wasted.

Remember, YOGAWOTUSEAYHTADSA, NM (You-only-get-a-week-or-two-until-summer-ends-and-you-have-to-actually-do-stuff-again...............Nicholas Merrill)

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