August 19, 2012

"Infatuation and a Girl's name"

Dear Reader,

I really like this girl that I'm slow dancing with. She's charming, clever, and extremely witty. Her hair is immaculate, her clothes are modest, and she is just gorgeous. Unfortunately, the song that we're swaying to ends, and so our conversation must end as well. I spin her away from me but continue to hold her hand. "Thank you for the dance!" I grin. She lets her hand delicately drop from mind. "My pleasure" She says. We part like the Red Sea, and as I stroll away with a bright smile and a dizzy heart..............I try to remember her name.

One minute passes.
Two minutes.
Three minutes.
Four minutes.
and after five minutes of nothing, I mentally kick myself in the shin.

She was the coolest girl ever! How could you forget her name? Well, I happened to be so infatuated with this new and beautiful acquaintance, that her her name just didn't stick.

Life is weird like that. NM

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