July 25, 2015


Dear Reader,

Late Wednesday night, I sat in tense silence on a dune with a Czech man, watching headlights sweep ever closer to us. When the vehicle was only about 300 meters away, the headlights were shut off and we heard a car door open. We decided it was time to leave.

That was Couchsurfing.

Earlier that evening, I ate French cheese in a stranger's apartment and listened to a former Egyptian police officer detail the day that he was nearly shot in Cairo.

That was also Couchsurfing.

In the morning, I parked my vehicle at a red light and ran across the street to get a great photo of Ondřej (the Czech man) in front of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

...that was just stupid.

Ondřej and I met via a website called Couchsurfing. The website connects travellers with people that are willing to host and accommodate guests for free. A public recommendation system keeps creepers and psychotic axe-murderers from the mix. I picked Ondřej up at the airport around four in the morning and spent the day taking him on a tour of Abu Dhabi. Another Couchsurfer in the city treated both Ondrej and I to a delicious dinner in his apartment in the evening. All in all, it was a fantastic day....even if we almost got killed or kidnapped in the middle of the desert.

I know how I'll be travelling in the future!

I'll be Couchsurfing.


We parked the car and ran across the street for this. It was worth it.

The best Butt Sweets shop in Abu Dhabi.

Ondrej and I in the desert just before the creepy 4x4 came uncomfortably close and we left in great haste.

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