September 11, 2012

"By Small and Simple Means..."

Dear Reader,

It was the evening of September 8th in the year 2012, and I was attending a church fireside/dance.

In all honesty, a clean church dance is #2 on my list of favorite things ever. Dancing is as essential to life as breathing, sleeping, and eating warm cookies with milk. (Sometimes I do all of those essential things at the same time......But that's beside the point.)

Anyways, I was thoroughly enjoying a One Direction song when the unusual occurred. A girl passing by on the dance floor, stopped and talked to me. Now I don't know if screaming above a British boy band is the most effective form of communication, but I did enjoy what she told me. In fact, I pretended to not hear her so that she had to repeat herself. She said something along the lines of "Hey, I've read your blog, and I like it."

After thanking her, she and her friends walked away. Once they were gone, I literally jumped in the air with joy. And in mid-leap, I had a beautiful epiphany. I realized that it's not huge things that really make a difference for a person. It's expending the effort to tell somebody that you like their writing. It's holding the door for the people behind you. It's complimenting the girl wearing the really cute shoes. It's buying a car for the guy behind you at the dealership.

Okay.........maybe not that last one. But do you get the point?

I have a challenge for you: Go ahead and do the little things for other people. You'll quickly learn that by small and simple means are great things brought to pass.

And I won't name names, but thanks a ton for reading my blog, Maddie Jones. NM

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