September 17, 2012

"Stadium Lights, Late Nights."

Dear Reader,

In Texas, football is a religion. And even though I'm not a devout worshipper of the pigskin, I thoroughly enjoy the game.

But if you said that a football game is only about football....No. It ain't.

The band dancing in the stands, the drill team on the field, the supportive parents, the unnecessary yellow flags, the kid with nacho-cheese dripped on his shirt, the mosquito that keeps biting your arm, the animalistic grunts of the players, the referees waving their arms, the drum majors keeping time, the press box failing to do so, the cheerleaders doing back-flips, the retina-burning stadium lights, and the late nights.

million-quadrillion-thousand things make a football game what it is.........................AWESOME.

And even though I leave every game emotionally compromised, I keep going back. It's brutish and beautiful. It's exhilarating and dull at the same time. It's on Friday nights. It's football. NM

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