October 8, 2012

"Dreaming and Screaming and Marching Band"

Dear Reader,

Many a football game, I have looked over and seen the members of our school's band dancing in the stands. And many a time, my heart yearned to be dancing with them.......(Instead of by myself, in the middle of all of the parents that I didn't know.) After games, I would go to my room, slam the door, and scream into my pillow things like "WHY! WHY MUST THIS CONTINUE!" and "IS THERE NO BAND UNIFORM THAT FITS ME?".....

Sometimes I would dream after I had sobbed myself to sleep. In my dreams, I would walk onto the field with the band, get set, and put on a swaggtastic marching show. I danced in the stands, I had a uniform, and I even had a Facebook cover photo of me with my other band friends......

But when the morning came, the dreams would leave, and tears would roll freely from my eyes again.
Would there be anything to save me from this miserable state?

Yes. Oh, sweet McNuggets, yes.

It was a warm day, and I walked into the school. Somebody asked me why my eyes were red, but I ignored them and went to the library. I saw my friends at a table, and I went to them. They greeted me with the usual "Good Morning" and "How come you always come to school looking like you just spent the night screaming and crying?" and I said "Good Morning" to them too. Then one of them turned to me and said, "Nick, Mr. Easton really wants you to be in our marching show....You should go talk to him in the band hall."

I remained silent as I stood up and climbed onto our table. Then, with a triumphant roar, I ripped my shirt off and wildly beat my torso....and (after I was tasered by our school's police officer) I went to see Mr. Easton.

Sure enough, he asked me to be in the Roarin' Blue Band's marching show. Shortly thereafter, I was issued a uniform, 2 t-shirts, and a restraining order saying that I couldn't go near the librarian anymore...

Yesterday, I narrated the show at our first contest, and we placed 1st in our division. I now dance in the stands, I have a uniform, and I even have a Facebook cover photo of me with my other band friends......

Isn't that great? NM

(Oh, and........everything you just read was extremely exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Except for the last part about me being in the band. That's definitely true....and the screaming into my pillow bit at the beginning, too.... ;)


  1. This whoks thing is too adorable!:)
    Except that you scream into your pillow... That kinda worries me.

  2. Except that really is a joke....That would be really creepy if I screamed into my pillow.........