September 1, 2013

"Little Toy Rifle"

Dear Reader,

Today was the second and final day of our family's enormous weekend garage sale. I'd just like to share my highlight of the day. Unfortunately, it may be one of those "You just had to be there" stories, but whatever. Here goes:

It was early in the morning, and already extremely caliente outside, when a Hispanic family of 5 pulled up. There was a padre, madre, and three little ninos. While the parents checked out the rest of the random junk at the garage sale, the kids sorted through the best of it all. The toys. Their smallest kid quickly found a toy plastic rifle. He picked it up (or at least tried to) and made shooting noises. Padre looked over and noticed that his son was having a hard time holding the gun, so he knelt down beside the little boy and helped him shoulder the rifle. Together, they took aim and "shot". They were so freaking adorable. Seriously. It was just perfect.

Overcome, I called out to the dad to tell him "Es gratis." (It's free.) The man didn't hear me so he gently took the toy gun from his kid and put it back. My mom had heard me and she agreed that it should be free. She got the padre's attention told him that it was free. We could tell that he was glad to give it to his son. Smiling, he asked his son to please thank the lady that had given him the toy rifle. The little boy didn't know what was going on, but we all watched and waited in anticipation. After a long silence, the little boy slowly and innocently pointed the gun towards my mom. You should've seen that kid's face. He was just blankly staring, doing what he thought his dad had asked him to do.  Everyone watching just busted out laughing. The dad was like "You're supposed to thank her! Not shoot her!". (But of course, he was speaking really fast Spanish.) While we were cracking up, the little boy just stood there and looked at his new toy gun. It was great. :)

Life is good.

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