January 28, 2013

Chainsaw Wielding Murderers, and My Hitchhiking Experience

Dear Reader,

Before I researched (and went) hitchhiking, I thought that all people were axe-wielding murderers that drove around looking for their next victim. Not so!

It all began when I read this article. Travel like your Grandfather

I was like...."Holy Pumpernickels! I ought to try that!" So I read more articles online, gathering the most important advice on what to bring, where to stick out your thumb, how to fend off an axe-wielding murderer, and what to wear. I also read an excellent travel book by Rolf Potts, entitled "Vagabonding" that dispelled more of my fears and inspired me to go and adventure.

And so, the night before my adventure came, and I began my final preparations. Provisions? Check. Pocketknife? Check. A couple quarters I found under the couch? Check. A language I don’t speak? Czech.

I woke up early in the morning, waited until Mommy and Daddy left for work, and wrote my “This is what I’m doing, where I’m going, and what I’m wearing” note. I left that note on the kitchen counter for Sam to find when he woke up. With a deep breath, I crept outside, and began my trek.

My goal was to reach downtown Montgomery and return home, before 6 pm, without getting chainsawed in half by a weirdo in a white van. Why did I choose Montgomery? It's 28 miles from my house. A reasonable distance, one might say.

I'll skip all the meat of my story, because as crazy as hitchhiking is, it would be obnoxious to write down the details. Basically, by getting rides from 3 different people, I reached my goal.

Sweet, huh? A thought came to my head after I arrived home safely. Maybe people aren't as bad as we think they are...

Sure, there are always weirdos out there, but I met some great people as I hitchhiked. It's really fun to let go of cynicism....

......but please, don't do anything stupid. NM

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