July 12, 2012

"High Hopes and High Blood Pressure"

Dear Reader,

At this moment, my blood pressure is unhealthily high. I've been wandering the house trying to pass the time until I no longer have to wait. Pressure has been building for months now, and I am writing this at the climax. You may ask what is making me so nervous and impatient and so I will go ahead and tell you...

that I can't tell you...

and this is the hardest part. I'm not able to confide with the masses, and I can't really tell anyone until things are written in permanent sharpie marker.

But I can tell you this...If what I hope for comes to pass, things are going to change dramatically and quickly. And so I leave you in suspense. The same suspense that permeates my entire being at this very moment.

Or nothing could happen at all...which would be quite anticlimactic....

Updates to this story will come by the end of the day...Perhaps.

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