June 29, 2014

"Moments in Morocco"

Dear Reader,

I have put off writing my first post about life and study in the capital of Morocco because frankly, I don't know that I possess the skills as a writer to do my experiences here any justice. My moments in Morocco have been truly amazing. The dramatic experiences really leave an impression. I loved going to the Sahara, riding camels over the dunes, and spending the night under the stars. Those grand experiences are great, but they're only a small part of the bigger picture. The simple moments really matter to me the most. Laughing with the taxi driver on the way to school, complimenting my host mother's cooking correctly, driving down the coast at midnight. These simple and short lived experiences can be easily forgotten, but they are the threads that make up the colorful fabric of life. Throughout my time here, I have had so many good times that I could not possibly capture them all and wrestle them into a blog post. I could take the time to tell you all about life here, but really, I'd rather that you would go and experience things for yourself. Above all, please remember to take the time to treasure life's fleeting moments.

They are beautiful.

Also, here's a selfie of me with a camel, just because.

Rock on. NM

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