February 2, 2014

"Dubai and I"

Dear Reader,

This morning, I slipped onto Bus 05 on 10th street and rode it deeper into the city of Abu Dhabi. At a stop, I squeezed through the tight mass of men, hopped off the bus, and immediately climbed into another. I took that bus to Abu Dhabi's main terminal. I busted my butt bussing to the bus station because I wanted to buy a bus ticket to Dubai. I walked up to the Emirati selling tickets, said السلام عليكم and handed him 25 dirhams. He responded وعليكم السلام with a half smile and a ticket. With ticket in hand, I walked out to my ride. "Dubai or bussed!"

Well, I was comfortably bussed all the way there.

From drop-off point, I took the city's super fancy metro to the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Honestly, the Burj impressed me much more than when I initially saw it.  Right after the 15 hour flight into the Emirates, I was too whacked to appreciate just how tall the building really is. Just standing at the base of the Burj was fantastic. It really deserves all the hype.

Dubai Mall, however, wasn't that great. It's the largest mall in the entire world, but you know what they say.....once you've seen one shopping center, you've seen a mall. (I guess I'm just not a 'mall person'. I'd rather go desert camping or wake-boarding.) 

That being said, I went to the Mall of the Emirates after Dubai Mall. I only want to go to the MotE because it has the famed ski slope and snow park in it. Although I could only see parts of it from the outside, it looked pretty cool. I'm not a huge fan of snow or snow sports, so after I'd seen the slopes for a second, I left. On my way back to the metro, my ankle started hurting from all of the walking. Well, I thought, I guess it's time to say Dubye. So, I metroed, bussed, and taxied all the way home to Abu Dhabi Mall. (Maybe I'm not a mall person because I live above one.....)

I enjoyed Dubai, but it was a lively city. There was too much happening and all of the folks there seemed like they had to hurry and go somewhere, do something. There are lots of folks I know that love big cities. If you are one of those people, then do yourself a favor and travel to Dubai. I just don't like the city life. Give me some peace, quiet, and a place where there aren't a bunch of people puffing on their cigarettes.

Dubai and I are not meant to be. I hope you enjoyed the puns....I mean...everybody likes a good pun, emiright? -NM

A photo I took of the Burj Khalifa

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