June 6, 2013

"Buffalo Wild Wings"

Dear Reader,

All we wanted was to get some Buffalo Wild Wings.  On our way to sate our appetite for messy chicken, Larissa and I were cruising down a back road behind a

...(for lack of better words.)

We made a normal stop at a normal stop sign at a normal distance from the normal truck in front of us.
Then the crap hit the fan. The truck in front of us went into reverse, and Larissa and I were like...."What the gypsy is this guy doing?" But we failed to move, and the front of the Mercedes got all crunchified and what-not. The guy in the truck drove off, because apparently, he didn't realize he had just backed into us.

All we wanted was to get some Buffalo Wild Wings, man.

But instead of wings, we had to speed after this guy, take pictures of his plates, and go to the police station. We waited for 15 minutes there as the lady in front of us described her problem. Well, at least Larissa and I didn't get ripped off by a Nigerian "car salesman" that uses phony identification cards and shady sales techniques. Eventually, a policeman helped us file a report, and now it's all good in the hood. Except for the fact that our hood was crushed.

Larissa and I ended up getting Caesar salads at McDonald's. Never a dull moment. NM

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