June 25, 2012

"Adversity and the Backyard"

Dear Reader,

 I began my day with the knowledge that I needed to cut the grass in our expansive backyard.  The twisting weeds and fiery sun dared me to face them. Responding to their jeers, I suited up with my blue jeans, work boots, hat, sunglasses, and put a handkerchief around my face in a dramatic, Wild-West-esque manner. Admittedly, I looked like a boss. But as I commenced my work, the sun and thick grass combatted against me with a fierceness that was nigh unbearable. Alas, I fought them both back with valor, strength, courage, a hat, and an old lawn mower. In the end, I came off conqueror and stood tall...(right before I ran inside, drank 5 water bottles, and napped.) 

This is my life, NM

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